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Convert to Rotational Molding

Convert to Rotational Molding

Convert to Rotational Molding from other manufacturing methods

We have helped customers improve throughput, save money and improve aesthetics by converting products made from fiberglass, metals and other materials to a rotationally molded plastic part. Rotational molding can provide shorter production lead times and has lower mold costs than other plastic molding methods.

Our in-house Design & Engineering department utilizes the design flexibility of rotational molding to duplicate your current product or craft a completely new look. The result for you will be durable, stress-free parts at a lower production cost.

Successful conversion story

The snow cone machine pictured above is a great example of "conversion" to a rotational molded product. The original concept was improved by adding wheels so the product could be "pulled" making it easier to move. With the use of rotational molding, the final product was more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Also reducing to labor assembly time.

Other conversion projects:

Rotolog graph

What does a water testing machine and a car wash have in common? Other than water - Metal fabrication and welding costs were eliminated when rotational molding was utilized to cut labor and material costs.

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Benefits of converting

  • Design flexibility allowing complex geometry
  • Improved throughput by decreasing labor hours
  • Tooling cost are less then other plastic molding methods
  • Parts offer strength, corrosion resistance and durability
  • Stress free parts
  • Short lead times on production
  • Consistent wall thickness
  • Potential weight reduction