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  • Wood
  • RenShape
  • High Density Foam
  • Live Parts

Note: Patterns are made 3% to 4% larger due to tool and part shrink. If live parts are used as a pattern, the rotational molded part will be smaller. Most anything can be used as a pattern, as long as it can hold the weight of 99 pounds per cubic foot.

Rotational Molding cast tool pattern

Cast Tooling Pattern

When your design is finalized the pattern production begins. Most commonly patterns are CNC machined from the 3D model, but other options are available.

After the pattern is reviewed and signed-off on, the followers for determining the parting lines are constructed. Next, the pattern goes through the sand ramming process creating the cope and drag. Then our Tooling Department is ready to pour the tool.

Patteren's for cast tooling used in Rotational Molding