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Rotational Mold Tooling Options

Labor Reductions

Slides hooks clamps

How the mold is framed helps reduce labor costs and increases the life of the mold.

  • Slides
  • Hinges
  • Swings
  • Guide Pins
  • Clamps and j-hooks
  • Receivers, Bolts and Stops

Air Flow Amplifiers

Air horns

Air amplifiers are used to control wall thickness in deep cores. Hot air from the oven is drawn thru the air amplifiers by using compressed air.


Core cast tooling insert

We have many different insert choices in-house or can custom design inserts to fit with your project. Ask your project engineer which inserts will work best for you.

Drop Box

Second skin drop box

Drop boxes are added to the molding process to create a second layer or skin of material in a part. An insulted hopper holds material until release at any time needed during the oven cycle.

  • Foam material
  • Multiple colors
  • Added strength to the part

Mold Finishes

sand blast texturing a pattern

Added texture can be done during the pattern making process or shot peening applied to the tool after casting. High polished surfaces can also be achieved by hand sanding the tool or producing a CNC machined tool.

Spiders and Grates

spiders and grates

Increase the efficiency of your rotational molding output by grouping molds onto a universal grate. Multiple molds can be grouped on their own spiders to help save in change over time. Also available are mounting plates.

  • Foam material
  • Multiple colors
  • Added strength to the part

Molded in Logos or other information

Mold in logo information

Mold in logo information

Emboss or deboss information about the product that is molded into the part. The information can be cut into the wood pattern before casting or smaller detailed information can be CNC machined and welded into the tool.