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Rotolog Rotational Molded plastic parts testing


How Rotolog benfits Rotational Molded Plastic Parts

Rotolog is a diagnostic tool for analyzing part cycles. With the use of this technology, we have the ability to set our rotational molding machine cycle times with Rotolog readings to assure the parts are properly cured. Rotolog measures the temperatures inside the mold and outputs data in the form of graphs.

This information is used to monitor and control the molding process of each new mold or new material, scientifically providing the capability to produce consistently cured parts. It is estimated that only 5% of rotational molding manufacturers use Rotolog for setting cycle times.

ROTOLOG 3.0 Diagnostic Systems provide a real-time means of monitoring and controlling the molding process by measuring temperatures inside the mold. Signals are sent to the receiver and computer which continually scans the data and presents it in a graph form.

ROTOLOG 3.0 Diagnostic System allows the molder to: Optimize molding cycles for new molds or materials. Minimize cycle times. Trouble-shoot molding problems. Maximize part performance. Improve quality control. Now allows real time adjustments. Now able to operate 24 hours Made in the USA

Rotolog screen data from rotational molding machine

Rotolog tracking data


InfraRed Thermometry (IRT) is a self-adjusting control system for rotational molding. By continuously monitoring the surface temperature of the mold, IRT can sense variances in molding cycles and automatically correct oven or cooling times.

By utilizing Rotolog, along with IRT, we can systematically set our rotational molding cycle times to assure a properly cured part.

Benefits of Rotolog

Rotolog graph
  • Optimize molding cycles for new molds or materials
  • Trouble-shoot molding problems
  • Maximize part performance
  • Improve quality assurance