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painted rotational molded part

Value Added Services for Rotational Molding

Mold In or Mold On labels

Permanent graphics that are molded in to the part during the rotational molding cycle or added after de-molding the part. Add a company logo, warning label, instructions or decorative design

Rotational Molded Parts painted -wood metal shell

Molded information in the tool

Logos and other information can be molded into the part from the tooling. Larger information can be cut into the wood pattern used when casting the tooling or smaller more detailed information is CNC machined and welded into the tool.

Molded information in the part

Painting Rotational Molded Parts

Plastic doesn't have to look or feel like plastic. Set your project apart from the others by adding secondary finishes at the hands of our Themeing personnel. Wood, stone, metal, organic and more finishes can be created to give your project something extra.

Rotationally molded parts can be painted, have graphics applied or assembled with different colored components. Create an experience that leaves your customers talking.

Rotational Molded Parts painted -wood metal shell

Rotational Molding Value Added Services

  • Mold In Labels
  • Mold On Labels
  • Mold in CNC identification plates
  • In Mold & Post Mold Part Painting
  • Mold In & Mold On Graphics
  • Black Light / Glow in Dark Resins
  • Pearls & Flakes Added to Resins
  • And More