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Rotational Molding custom parts

Why choose rotational molding?

Rotational Mold Process

Advantages of rotational molding is the design flexibility in combining several parts that required assembly in to one part. The roto-mold process offers consistent wall thickness and a virtually stress free parts.

Rotational molded tools have a short lead-time getting produced and relativity lower costs the other plastic molding methods.

Advantages of Rotational Molding:

  • Design flexibility allowing complex geometry
  • Cost saving - Projects of 50 to 30,000 are ideal
  • Molds cost less then other molding methods
  • Parts offer strength and durability
  • Stress free parts
  • Short lead times on production
  • Consistent wall thickness
  • Limited materials waste
  • Small to very large hollow parts can be produced
  • Part surfaces can have various textures